Style fireplace mantels
Style fireplace mantels

The antique fireplaces have been made following styles ranging from the plain Louis XVI to the ornate Louis XV. The reproduced fireplaces of Maison & Maison adopt the same styles.


The Louis XIV-style fireplaces

The Louis XIV-style fireplaces are decorated with a strong continuous molding, highlighting the cornice, running along the pillars and extending until the so-called “Bolection”.


The Regency-style fireplaces

The Regency-style fireplaces adopt shapes that are a mix of the styles of Louis XIV and Louis XV. From the style of Louis XIV, they keep the mantle. From the style of Louis XV, they imitate the vivacity and curve of the shapes. The fireplaces “Vendôme” and “Noailles” by Maison & Maison perfectly correspond to this style.

The Louis XV-style fireplaces

The Louis XV-style fireplaces adopt a lively and curved shape. They are richly decorated with sculpted shells and lush plants. The fireplaces “Comtesse de Mailly”, “Prince de Soubise” and “Choiseul” by Maison & Maison adopt these shapes.

The Louis XVI-style fireplaces

The Louis XVI-style fireplaces are of great restraint. The architectural and straight shapes are inspired by ancient times to create a neo-classical aesthetic. The Louis XVI-style fireplace “Juliette Récamier” perfectly corresponds to this style.


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