Antique mantels
Antique mantels

Building on more than twenty years of experience in the business of antique fireplaces, Marc Maison uses its knowledge of marble fireplaces to create custom fireplaces of high quality.

With a collection of more than 250 marble antique fireplaces, Marc Maison has acquired substantial experience in antique materials.



The creation of this collection of antique fireplaces allows Marc Maison to select the most beautiful models of fireplaces so as to reproduce them with the greatest accuracy.

The reproduction of antique fireplaces offers you freedom and ease in the choice of marble, decorations (sculpted or in bronze), interiors and dimensions.

You may consult our Catalogue of custom fireplaces to get an idea of all the possibilities offered by Maison & Maison for the design of your marble fireplace.



Maison & Maison custom fireplaces catalogue