Open fireplaces have been around for centuries but the making of fireplace mantles with marble started around 1750.

Some exceptional fireplaces have therefore been made in the periods of Louis XV and Louis XVI, in particular. The marble fireplaces adorned the mansions and palaces of the greats, notably the Palace of Versailles.

The actual democratization of marble fireplaces was made around 1850, notably under the impetus of Baron Haussman. In fact, the new urbanization of Paris desired by Haussman resulted in an intensive construction of new buildings, all designed according to the pre-established models. Because of this, the apartments were decorated with marble fireplaces, from the smallest adorning the bedrooms, to the biggest and most luxurious adorning the large reception rooms.

The marble masons of this time therefore produced more or less standardized fireplace models, like the model “Pompadour.”

Today, Maison & Maison relives the tradition of yesterday’s marble masons, by reproducing and custom-making, models of antique fireplaces.

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