Maison & Maison.
Manufacturer of exclusive French top-of-the-range fireplace mantels.

Our fireplaces designs

Select the design of your choice and customize it to create a unique interior design.

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Coffee tables, Side tables in marble

Our designer coffee tables fashioned from our most beautiful slabs of marble


Furniture, Sideboards and Console Tables

Our collection of marble unique furniture designed for your your interior.


Copper bathtub

Choose from our collection of copper bathtub in unique styles and with unique characters.

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The luxury of a unique item,
custom-made, to make each fireplace mantel a unique piece of work.

The purity of the marble.
Carefully selecting the most beautiful marbles from quarries in France and Italy.

The Sculptor’s hand.
The authentic expertise of the master marbles and skilled sculptors, inherited from the French tradition “bien-faire”.

A workshop, and its artisans.
Fully mastering the production process, from the choice of marble to the placement of the engraving.

Haute-couture creations inspired by a large collection of archives.

Easily create your own mantelpiece

1- Select a design

There is a unique mantelpiece for every style of interior decoration. Maison & Maison provides a catalogue of varied and refined designs, using aesthetics that have been inherited from past centuries.

2- Personalise your mantelpiece

From the choice of marble to the dimensions of your mantelpiece, as well as the choice of a cast iron or enameled insert, design your own custom-made fireplace according to your taste.

3- We make your mantelpiece

Our manufacturing workshop, situated in the Parisian region (close to Chantilly), is made up of a dedicated team of experienced professionals combining cutting edge technology with craftsmanship.