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How does this website work ?

Project assistance Return

We are at your disposal to assist you in choosing your fireplace mantel and its various options. We are at your service for information on pricing, delivery times or any other matter. You can contact us by email: or by phone at +33 (0)1 42 25 12 79 or +33 (0)6 60 62 61 90. Our shop: 120, rue des Rosiers in Saint-Ouen (93) is open on Friday (10:00am – 12:30pm), Saturday and Sunday (10:00am - 18:00pm) and Monday (10 :00am – 16 :00pm) and by appointment.

Using the website Return

On the and the sites, you can first select a model. The next step is to select various options using the "Customize" tab. There you can choose the marble for your mantel and other options. Once you check your choice, the selected model automatically comes up on the screen in the chosen color. Each step of the customization process will thus appear as you select them immediately and each option can be changed infinitely. The summary allows you to save your project for quotation.

Where can I see the marble and models? Return

Our shop, located at 120 Rue des Rosiers in Saint-Ouen (93), is open on Friday (10:00am – 12:30pm), Saturday and Sunday (10:00am - 18:00pm) and Monday (10:00am – 16:00pm) and by appointment. There you can admire our different models of mantels and the marbles are shown as already completed mantels or in large samples. The other options can be seen there too.

How to get a quote ? Return

Our website allows you to design your custom mantel and make a quote request through a contact form displayed automatically once you have finished selecting your options. You can also send us an email with your request: or contact us by phone at +33 (0) 1 42 25 12 79 or +33 (0)6 60 62 61 90. We strive to respond promptly.

Saving your project Return

The last stage of the customization process allows you - without any obligation - to save as many projects as you wish. Each project is saved as a separate reference number for establishing a quote.

Photos credits Return

Maison & Maison ©2010

Choice of mantel

Select a Model Return

First select the model for your mantel. Each model has its own characteristics and a selection of related marbles and options. The models are beautiful classical mantels from earlier centuries.

Choice of bronzes Return

Some models are not suitable for gilded bronze ornaments. Mercury gilding is illegal and unhealthy. Our gilding is made with an electroplating technique developed by Christofle in the nineteenth century, which has since been used for jewelry. The patina of each piece is finished by hand.

Choice of marbles Return

Maison & Maison offers you the unique advantage of a choice of marbles for your mantel. We offer a selection of the most beautiful marbles adapted to each model. However, some marble may not be appropriate for all of our mantels because of their inherent physical characteristics and properties. Because marble is a natural material there may be nuances in the hues in comparison to the pictures and samples. These differences are normal and make each fireplace unique and cannot be seen as flaws. We take great care in choosing our marble, and during the manufacturing process, our sculptors are encouraged to discard a block of marble that does not reach the standards of Maison & Maison. We select the marbles by color and veining. We use few exotic marbles apart from green Maharaja marble, which was used in the decor of the most beautiful palaces of Rajasthan. Our marbles come from French and Italian quarries.

Choosing side panels Return

We offer a range of different side panels for your fireplace: straight and plain, straight and paneled, curved or curved and paneled. You can also choose a fireplace without side panels. You can request custom-made sides to your own taste. However, your special sides may not be appropriate for all our models.

Choice of Interior Return

The interior or insert is not mandatory for all mantels. Some models are not historically compatible with a cast iron or enameled insert. The interior is chosen mainly according to the decoration of the room where the mantel will be. For enameled inserts (white or black), the brass surround is included. Aluminum alloy inserts (made of copper and zinc, supporting temperature of 800°) are made on request and tailored to size. Cast aluminum alloys are as resistant to temperatures as cast iron but do not heat. Our so-called “enameled” inserts are made of glazed lava, offer more heat resistance and show no cracks. The enameled lava comes from the center of France. Some delays may occur for custom-made mantels as we need to order inserts adapted to size.

Choice of hearth floor Return

The hearth floor is sometimes called "hearthstone" in the case of stone fireplaces. We offer several types of marble hearth floors: a simple rectangle of marble of the size of the mantel, or of your choice of size, or three squares in alternating marble colors. You can also choose to have no hearth floor or design your own.

Choice of hearth Return

The hearth is the where you will build a wood fire, or place an ethanol burner. It is composed of three sides. The choice of brick for the hearth generally requires the use of a cast iron fireback that protects the wall and reflects the heat back into the room. The hearths we offer are either refractory bricks or cast iron. The bricks are manufactured in a small French brickyard, where they are baked for 21 days in old wood-fired furnaces. The different hues of brick depend on the color of the raw dirt used to make them.

Choosing the size of your mantel Return

The models are presented by default in a "standard" size specified in the "dimensions" space. The dimensions can be enlarged or reduced in two ways: either homothetically, i.e. proportionately in width and height, or totally custom-made, independently decreasing or increasing height and width.

Summary of your project online Return

The online backup of your mantel allows us to answer your questions and establish a quote based on all the options you have chosen (see "Price" heading in "Order” category).

Select a Model Return

First select the model for your mantel. We will very soon be offering new models. Each model has its own characteristics and a selection of related marbles and options. The models are beautiful classical mantels from earlier centuries.


Price Return

Prices are in €uros. The quote is as follows: each model has a base price that includes the whole mantel, without options. Each option corresponds to a fee that we will detail in our quote.

Discount Return

There is no provision for any special discount. We reserve 15% for buyers with a European VAT number or for clients in North America an interior decorator, architect or designer resale number.

Placing an Order Return

Orders can be placed via email or phone. We then return a BAS (“Bon à sculpter” - Ready to Carve) acting as a pro-forma invoice stating the total price, with details of all options retailer price. Carving begins as soon as we receive the signed BAS and a deposit of 50%. Upon completion of the mantel, we'll ask you for a second deposit of 30%. Before shipping, we ask the buyer to please come and check the mantel, or send a representative, and pay the final payment prior to shipping.

Taxes Return

The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. A VAT of 20% will be added to all orders for France, or for Europe if the customer cannot produce a VAT number. VAT does not apply in the following cases: delivery to Europe on proof of a VAT number and carrier for export outside the EU with an EX-A document.

Order Changes Return

When the quote is validated by the BAS (Ready to Carve) and the cash deposit, we quickly set about making the mantel. No changes can then be made. However if the manufacturing has not begun, we can still make changes. Certain options, if they are made after the carving of the mantel, can allow for some changes. In case of problems, we try to find the best solutions.

Order Cancellation Return

Cancelling of an order akin to a non-payment of the balance of the order. There is no provision for refund. However, the deposit that has been cashed may be used as a credit for another order for 10% fee. For example: an order of 20,000 €, of which we would have received 10,000 €, is transformed into a credit of 9,000 €. In case of a pure cancellation, with no further order, we offer a 90% refund if the completed and outstanding order is sold to another customer. For example: for an order of 20,000 € of which we would have received 10,000 €, € 9,000 will be refunded if the order is resold to another customer.

Delivery times Return

The current manufacturing delay is different from one model to an other. Please contact us for further informations. When ordering, you will be notified of any delays due to any particular selection of options.

Warranty Return

Each creation of Maison & Maison comes with a detailed invoice in duplicate and a certificate of authenticity specifying the reference of the model, the type of marble and a complete description.

Packing and shipping

Shipping and delivery costs Return

Delivery of orders is included in the price for Paris and the nearby suburbs, including delivery to shippers before shipment abroad.

Destinations Return

We arrange delivery at cost worldwide. We look for the best price and connect the client to the shipper directly. We take no commissions or fees. Payments are made directly to your chosen shipper.

Import taxes Return

Import taxes are calculated according to destination and are not included in the price. Contact us or go directly to your shipper to learn more about this.

Packing Return

Is included in the purchase of a fireplace a package: the packaging of each piece of bull-pack, cardboard and protective dunnage. For shipments, there should be a wooden box, usually included in the quotation of shippers.


What's new ? Return

All the news about "Maison & Maison" events, exhibitions, news, are on the blog! To access, click here.

Legal notice

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Act of January 6, 1978 Return

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Applicable Law Return

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It is strictly forbidden to remove the bronze stamp affixed to each creation of Maison & Maison, even if resold. This act constitutes a crime.

Terms of Use Return

The general conditions of sale are the usual terms of trade in France.
The merchandise is typically owned by Maison & Maison until paid in full.