Custom made mantels
Custom made mantels

Quality of Know-how:

Because Maison & Maison is dedicated to providing works of high quality, we make every individual mantel with great care. Our custom mantels are manufactured in our workshops located in the Ile-de-France region, by our marble-carvers who are trained to respect traditional know-how.

Prestigious Marbles :

Our custom mantels are made respecting traditional know-how. All our marble mantels are hand carved in the finest marbles. We select with great care the marble blocks we use to make our mantels directly in French and Italian quarries.


Custom-made Mantels:

By creating custom mantels we allow you to personalize your marble fireplace. You can choose the marble you want, the interiors of your choice (cast iron, glazed or brick) and the carved or bronze ornaments.

Our custom mantels are reproductions of antique models with perfect proportions. Thus, we offer you the possibility of slightly changing the dimensions of your custom mantel while maintaining the perfect proportions of antique original.

Our marble mantel will therefore fit into your home in complete harmony with its new environment.


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