Reproduction of mantels
Reproduction of mantels


The Maison & Maison fireplaces reproductions are made of the most prestigious marbles coming from France and Italy.
The care taken in making of your fireplace reproduction is equal to our knowledge, based on years of experience and a profound knowledge of antique fireplaces.

A model of fireplace appeals to you, but you don’t know where to find it ? Maison & Maison can be the answer you are looking for. Our team is at your service and suggests, in the shortest amount of time, a fireplace reproduction proposal, custom-built.

The creation of reproduced fireplaces allows for the personalization of your marble fireplace. You can also chose the marble you want, the interiors of your choice (cast iron, porcelain or bricks) and sculpted or bronze decorations.

Our reproduced fireplaces are reproduced according to antique models in perfectly proportioned forms. Because of this, we also offer the possibility to slightly change the dimensions of our tailored fireplaces while respecting the proportions of antique fireplaces.

Our marble fireplaces can therefore be better incorporated into your interior, in total compatibility with its environment.


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