Fireplace's marble hearth floors
Fireplace's marble hearth floors

Hearth floor by the rules:

A hearth floor is a marble plaque fixed into the floor, in front of the fireplace and thus extending the dimensions of the hearth. This hearth floor also serves to protect your home’s flooring from pieces of embers.

Some rules to respect in order to have a hearth floor within the rules of art:

  1. The width of the hearth floor is the same as the fireplace.
  2. The depth is, in general, between 30 and 45 cm.
  3. The marble used shall be the same color as the fireplace if you have a simple slab, or with the same marble for framing and another color if you have a bi or tri-chromatic slab.

Simple hearth floor

Maison & Maison can create the hearth floor you want.
We can create monochromatic hearth floors, made with the same marble as your fireplace.

Monochrome hearth floor made in Grey Turquin marble.


Two-squared hearth floors

We can also make two-squared hearth floors, so called “bi-chromatic slabs”.

Two-squared hearth floor. The frame is made in Red Griotte marble and the two-squared are Black Marquina marble.


Three-squared hearth

Our marble masons can also make a three-squared hearth floors, called “tri-chromatic”.

Three-squared hearth floor. The frame is made in Carrare marble and the three squares in Northern Red marble.


Custom-made hearth floor by Maison & Maison

However, you can also use your imagination and ask us for all kinds of designs!
Therefore, we can custom-make the hearth of your choice. Let us know your wishes and we will make the hearth of your dreams.

Here are some examples of customized creations made for our clients:

Custom-made hearth floor: Carrare Marble, Sienne Yellow and Black Marquina marble.


Custom-made hearth floor: Belgian Black Marble and golden brass beading.


Retrouvez l'ensemble des modèles de cheminées à personnaliser, par Maison & Maison