Peach flower marble
Peach flower marble

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Maison & Maison allows you to make your custom-made fireplace out of a luxurious marble like Peach Blossom marble. Two varieties of Peach Blossom are available to make your personalised fireplace, a pale variety and a purple variety. Our fireplaces are totally individual thanks to the freedom in being able to choose your own marble.

The Peach Blossom marble is a historical marble, used a lot during the 19th century on exceptional works of art. One of the most remarkable examples of this marble can be seen on the extraordinary fireplace in the drawing room of the Napoleon III Apartments in the Louvre museum. The "Noailles" custom-made fireplace proposed by Maison & Maison has a shape and elaborate decoration that is very similar to this antique fireplace found in the Louvre.

An antique fireplace made out of Peach Blossom marble can also be seen in the oval shaped room in the Hotel de Soubise in Paris. This magnificent Regence style fireplace is clearly comparable to the "Duc de Nantes" fireplace, another custom-made fireplace proposed by Maison & Maison.

A magnificent fireplace made out of Peach Blossom marble is also found in the Marble House in Newport, in the USA, and was made by Jules Allard.

The original quarry, open until the 17th century, was in Serravezza in the Carrara region in Italy. This variety was called "Fior di Pesco Apuano" in order to distinguish it from its Greek homonym, from Eretria. It is a brèche marble with irregular fragments of purple, red or pink. It was used a lot for religious decoration during the 17th century. It was also used a lot during the second Empire, especially to decorate the Opera House in Paris. Since the 20th century, its quarries can be found in the regions Versilia and Garfagnana, and new quarries have opened up in Renana, Forno and de Massa. Today this marble is rarely extracted and is thus becoming more and more rare.