Creation of custom made fireplaces
Creation of custom made fireplaces

Loving well-done work, Maison & Maison gives all of its attention to the creation of its custom-made marble fireplaces. Our custom-made fireplaces are made in our workshops by our marble masons, trained in accordance with antique know-how.

The creation of custom-made fireplaces is made in accordance with traditional knowledge. All of our custom-made marble fireplaces are sculpted by hand using the most beautiful marble.
The blocks of marble that we use for the creation of our custom-made fireplaces are selected under our care from Italian and French quarries.

The creation of our custom-made fireplaces allows the personalization of your marble fireplace. You can therefore choose the marble that you want and the interiors of your choice.

Maison & Maison places a large importance on the creation of custom-made fireplaces it produces.


Our custom-made fireplaces are reproduced according to forms of perfectly proportioned antique models. Because of this, we also offer the possibility to slightly change the dimensions of our custom-made fireplaces while respecting the proportions of antique fireplaces.

Our marble fireplaces can therefore be better incorporated into your interior, in total compatibility with its environment.


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