Custom reproduction of antique fireplaces
fabrication et édition de cheminées en marbre

Maison & Maison creates exclusive models of collection piece custom made mantels, in a large choice of the most beautiful and rare marbles mainly from France and Italy.

With more than twenty years of experience in the art market, and the largest collection of antique marble mantels in France, Marc Maison, together now with his two sons, Félix and Mathurin, has created a new concept of manufacturing and producing marble mantels.
For the first time, Maison & Maison has come up with the proper response to the needs of decorators and individual clients in France and throughout the world. We are creating high couture productions and custom made reproductions of the most refined models from the Louis XIV, Louis XV, Regence and Louis XVI styles to the extravagance of the Napoleon III style, from the flowing lines of the Art Nouveau to the architectural design the Art Deco.
By creating and sculpting such artistic mantels, Marc Maison and his sons are offering their new Maison & Maison brand to the Universe of luxury products. Our exclusive - stamped - products are made in our workshops. Our craftsmen and sculptors have put together, using leading edge technologies, a process that honors the long lasting tradition of French workmanship.

“Your imagination will be our limit.”